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Flag is distributed in three ways:

  1. A complete stand alone binary distribition which contains an embedded mysql server. This should word on most reasonably recent Linux distributions . THIS IS THE RECOMMENDED WAY TO TRY PyFLAG. If you have problems with the other distributions, try this one.
  2. A (mostly) stand-alone binary distribition which includes a python interpreter, but does not include the MySQL server. All binaries were built on a debian sarge (glibc 2.3) system and should work on most linux distributions.. You can find the binary distribution at Read the INSTALL file for more information.
  3. A full source distribution.

Click the Download link to go to the main download page.

How do I obtain the latest source?

PyFLAG developers no longer use CVS for maintaining the code base. The current version control software of choice is darcs - A much more capable system than CVS, which better suits PyFLAG's requirements.

Anyone can obtain a copy of the repository by doing:

$ apt-get install darcs
$ darcs get

You can also get a complete copy of this website with the full documentation:

$ darcs get

We encourage anyone to send in patches after modifying PyFLAG in some way:

$ darcs send

This will send a patch from the local tree against the latest version from the web site. Please send patches to